We AreAltitude

We design & build incredible user
experiences for web & mobile.

We work with established businesses & startups.

Clients typically hire us to help improve existing products & websites or design & prototype entirely new ones.

We only do a few things but what we do, we do well.

We're not a large creative agency — more like a specialized strike team. We focus on crafting strong brands & simple, usable interfaces.

Brand + Identity

We help you craft a brand that stands out amongst your competition, clearly communicates your core values and most importantly tells a compelling story that your users, customers or fans can rally behind.

User Experience + Design

We start with well defined problems and user stories then work through sketches, wireframes and prototypes. The result is an intuitive & functional experience paired with clean and precise visuals. Less is more.


We bring everything together on the target platforms and devices ensuring nothing is lost in translation. You'll get a high quality end result that's finely tuned, backed and supported by a world class team.

Do we have anything in common?

We're not right for everyone or every project so maybe this will help, our manifesto:

We believe simpler is always better.

We don't design by groups or committee.

We believe in rapid iteration — not documentation.

We believe the user experience is connected to everything.

We design for your users and sometimes we'll side with them over you.

Meet your expert guides.

You wouldn't climb Mt. Everest without experienced guides;
You won't have to start your next project without one either.

Tyler Wanlass

Creative / @twanlass

Frak Lopez

Developer / @dev_vine

Heather Wanlass

Project Manager / @aytchdub

We're easy to talk to.

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